FTP hijinx.

Oh wow, I’ve had the worst issues with FTP over the past several days. Ever since I registered my domains on Tuesday, I’ve been trying to install Shaarli, (which is one of the scripts for link sharing,) on the server space I just ordered for the domain. For some reason, (and I may be doing something wrong,) it won’t exactly let me upload anything using FTP. It could also be the fact that I do use a screen reader, and FileZilla seems to have some usability issues. I’ve been going back-and-forth with my host’s tech support team, and they say I need to use SFTP instead. In order for me to do that, I need to switch protocols somewhere within the client. I’ve never had to use SFTP before so when it comes to that, I have no idea what I’m doing. I did try uploading the folder to the server using the CPanel file manager, and although I can get it uploaded and extracted, I’d like to keep the linkblog in a root directory, instead of in it’s own folder. Of course it extracted to a folder, and although I can see that it’s there, I can’t get inside to move the files like I used to be able to years ago. I remember doing so many manual WP installs that way. Lol I’d sit there moving each file and folder from where it extracted, to /public_html so I could have my blog there. At this point I’m tempted to give them the files and ask them to put them in the right place for me, but I’m not sure if they’ll do that or not. If someone wants to set up a Shaarli instance for me and give me the information so I can send my domain over there, that would certainly be cool and of course I’d pay for the server resources. Lol and all this because I want to test Shaarli, hah I think I’m doing a good job at testing FTP first, and failing.

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