Shipping issues.

Our first order of cookies came today. I found out that the seller, (because although Amazon fulfilled them, they aren’t being shipped by Amazon,) was shipped USPS. I don’t like having things shipped to me USPS! I especially don’t like it this in this case, because there are 2 estimated delivery dates on the order. One is for tomorrow, and one is for Tuesday, (the 28th.) I’m going grocery shopping tomorrow, normally we would do this on Tuesday, but since I’m not sure what I’ll be doing and how long I’ll be waiting for information to come down from the Fourth Circuit, I most likely won’t be going anywhere on Tuesday. We’ll be going grocery shopping tomorrow, so suffice it to say, I won’t be home. The packages that come through USPS are left with my landlord, and he brings them to me, this doesn’t happen if I’m not home. I called the post office, and asked them to send me a parcel notice. If it comes tomorrow, We’ll be picking it up on Friday, if it comes Tuesday, we’ll be picking it up Wednesday. This is what happens when you ship something USPS.

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