I learned to use PACER yesterday.

PACER stands for Public Access to electronic Court Records, and it took me a couple days to learn it. I thought I already had a PACER account for some reason, but I apparently didn’t. I had to register, give them my card information, (PACER is not free,) and then I was able to access the system. Once I found the PACER case locater, I was able to search by case number to find the document I was looking for, (and a couple others.) I was actually looking for the missing legal document from this article, and found a couple others one relating to that, and one that looked weird to me, so I downloaded it.
One of the amicus curiae organizations in the Lavabit case filed a motion to participate in the oral arguments, (which are coming up on 1/28.) I was looking for the missing motion, (which I found,) I also found a document stating that the motion was denied, and a suspicious looking document called “supplemental authorities response by appellee.” I uploaded these documents to my dropbox folder and tweeted them, I’m @webgurl on twitter, by the way.

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