I got back from my trip.

We got back on the 2nd, our flight was delayed until like 7, and we didn’t get into Portland until like 9. We didn’t actually get home until like 1 in the morning on the 3rd. Spirit airlines delayed our flight because of maintanence, it had something to do with a seal on one of the emergency exit windows. They had to make sure the plane was pressurizing properly.
I ordered pizza that Friday night, when we got back. I usually do that on NewYears eve, but since I wasn’t here then, I did it on the 2nd. We only had 2 kids in Sunday school this weekend, I’m not sure why, but apparently they only had 2 last weekend. The lady I normally teach with, (the pastor’s daughter,) is on vacation until the 14th, so the children’s director is teaching my class right now. On Sunday afternoon, I went over to my parent’s house to exchange gifts with my Grandma, who got there on Saturday.

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