My trip so far.

We’ve been here for 5 days now. So far, we’ve been to the
stratusphere, and I got to ride on 3 out of the 4 rides. I didn’t get
to do the fourth one, because my aunt wanted a drink, and we had to
leave the tower. The fourth one was the sky jump, which is almost like
bungee jumping. You jump from a platform 855 feet in the air, and land
on the ground, on another platform. They do this by using a vertical
zipline with a decelerator device. I wanted to do this one the most,
but it was the most expensive of all the rides. I had a lot of fun
doing the 3 that I did, but I really wanted to do that one!
Friday we went to Hoover dam, I wish we would have paid to take
the tour though, because that would have been more fun. It was mostly
a walk around and take pictures kind of thing. Whereas, if we would
have taken the tour, we would have been able to go inside and
everything. Yesterday, we went to Freemont Street, which is the old
part of Vegas. Mom locked her keys in the rental car! This is bad when
you have to wait a half hour for tripple A to come, in the fourth
floor of a parking garrage with a 20 month old baby. We were also
supposed to go ziplining, but the ziplines weren’t open, and they’re
not supposed to open until May.
Today, my aunt wrecked their rental car while going back to the
place where she thought she left her purse, when it was with her all
along. They had to turn in the car, and get a new one, but it only
took a couple hours. Mom set off the smoke alarm in the timeshare
while cooking, (the people above me in my apartment complex do this
quite often.) Oh, and I think at least 2 trips to the store were made,
while I tried to find this 30c3 speech, but I can’t find it, because
it hasn’t been released yet.

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