Exchanging gifts with my parents, and seeking a document scanning service.

We exchanged gifts at my parent’s house today, we’re leaving to go on our trip on Tuesday. We decided to do it today, because we’re going to spend some time with my grandma on Tuesday before she drives us to the airport. I’m looking for a service that I can send a document to via email, and they will convert the images from the PDF into text, then send it back to me. The document is this 148 page legal document. The images only start after page 8 though. Why the Fourth Circuit released the document that way, I have no idea, but they did. I believe this is a FOIA release, and when I had my caregiver look at it, she saw what appears to be redactions. I haven’t yet found a service that will do this for me, (I’m sure it won’t be for free, so I’m willing to pay.)

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